Assessing Bitcoin’s hashrate and network difficulty as BTC drops

  • The hash rate and network difficulty coefficient of Bitcoin may change as a result.
  • Mining costs are gradually increasing, but as of press time, the annual income is still less than zero.

Bitcoin [Bitcoin]The performance of more than 70% so far this year is one of the best in history, taking it into account that it took many months to do it.Landmark building. But many people do not understand that rising prices are also affecting the mining industry, which has faced many tests over the past year.

How much is it?The value of today's use is 10100 BTCs.?

Stifel, a Canadian investment company, gave aThe latest news on this matterThe industry version of the blockchain market was updated on March 20. According to the company, the rise in hash prices was seriously affected in the first three months of this year. The hash price is the hardware used by miners to bring clues to the case. It also briefly describes the income generated by each Taiha as the carrier.

Blockchain manufacturing encounters a lot of market competition

Although the average price of ham is down 7% month-on-month, it can still change the status quo for miners.

In addition, after the increase in the price of Bitcoin, the hash rate and network difficulty coefficient of Bitcoin also set an ATH record. But Stifel stressed that online hardship could add another 5.5 per cent by March 23rd.

ThisThe network is difficultConsider that finding the correct hash for each db block is so time-consuming and interesting. As of press time, this indicator is 43.55 Target (T). This predictive analysis represents the discovery that a new bitcoin blockchain will be very competitive over time.

In fact, it is a prediction analysis of the hash rate, because the agency unswervingly shows that it expects these areas to improve. By the time Stifel released the report, the bitcoin hash rate was 326 EH/s per second. However, the company gave its own reasons, saying

We expect that the overall network hash rate will continue to increase in the short term with the delivery, installation and release of the new generation of devices.

The hash rate describes the level of processing required to authenticate transactions per second to maintain a bitcoin network. Interestingly, Steffel seems to be right after all. Mainly because the statistics of Glassnode as of press time showThe hash rate has increased.To 348 EH/s.

Thanks to Bitcoin, the cost is... Was

Therefore, the above data information represents that more machines and equipment have already been started to establish a new block chain. The release of Stifel also seems to be a testament to emotions. First, the Stifel report points out that mining companies HIVE-N and ARBK-N have optimized mining efforts. This is due to newly installed excavators and reduced electricity costs.

to chant[BTC] price forecast of Bitcoin2023-2024

Although the miners' full-year income is still in the process of breaking free, the expenses incurred can be made up. At the time of writing this article, the minerGenerate income according to the standard of chargesIncreased by 4.916%. This shows that the newly forged coins add profits to the operators.

However, Bitcoin has gradually fallen from $28,000.00. But even so, it may not stop the gasping that the mining industry has experienced. In addition, it is not sure whether the situation will improve significantly.

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