Buy NFTs and access blockchain via Solana Labs’ ChatGPT plugin

Solana users will interact with the web through an open source plug-in on OpenAI's artificial intelligence chat robot ChatGPT.

Thanks to this plug-in, ChatGPT will be able to transfer Solana local tokens, check wallet balances, and purchase NFT when OpenAI provides plug-ins, as described in Solana Labs tweets.

Solana Labs is urging developers to test with open source code and restore the chained data they are interested in.

Based on the screenshot of the Solana Labs share, ChatGPT can restore the list of irreplaceable tokens obtained by a specific Solana address that shares the NFT attachment metadata link collected from Solana Labs's Block Explorer.

Solana Labs did not say whether the plug-in will be released or when OpenAI will make plug-in functionality available to everyone.

The new ChatGPT plug-in recovers details from online sources and connects to third-party websites in response to commands requested by users. At present, this feature is being rolled out to all users.

However, not everyone is satisfied with this development. For example, one Twitter user asked Solana to focus on creating a Working Block Explorer; first, while another questioned the benefits it would provide to the ecosystem.

In addition, Solana Labs focuses on artificial intelligence and announced on April 25th that it will provide $1 million worth of funding for a project to build artificial intelligence tools on Solana.

OpenAI also announced on the same day that the new privacy feature now allows ChatGPT users to "turn off" their chat logs.

This will give users better control over their data. The company shares that conversations started when chat history is disabled will not be used to train and enhance their models. In addition, they will not appear in the history sidebar.

This feature is available in the settings of ChatGPT and can be changed at any time according to the needs of users.

OpenAI shared that the deleted conversation would be retained for 30 days to review and observe abusive material. Once the conversation is cleared, it will be permanently deleted.

The artificial intelligence company has added a new "export" option that allows users to download their data, making the information saved by ChatGPT more meaningful.

Progress has been made in the new privacy feature because Italy has become the only European country to ban ChatGPT until it complies with EU user privacy laws under general data protection regulations.

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