Is Arbitrum Network’s [ARB] rapid growth under threat from hackers?

  • With the proliferation of web-themed activities, Arirum has encountered security risks.
  • The reduction of Stablecoin demand will seriously affect the continuous improvement of Arirum.

Because of the upcoming ARB AirDrop,Arirum [ARB] recent thematic activities have been greatly increased. While this will undoubtedly be good news for the network and users, it also opens up a good opportunity for hackers to spot unsuspecting victims. According to Arkham Intelligence, more than 2400 accounts have long been conquered.

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We must be vigilant in the future.

Hackers can already use ARB AirDrop to target users. Many users have been hoping to receive a token on his account, and hackers have been using this data to remit money to such detailed addresses. After various transactions have been approved, many accounts become victims of the attack.

As of press time, because the trading volume of the Arirum network has increased again, the users of the network have become the key overall target of hackers. However, after the introduction of ARB tokens, the proliferation of such users is likely to decrease, giving hackers only a short period of opportunity to attack victims.

Activities relating to the Proceedings Protocol

Although the total number of users of the network has increased, the total output of natural gas used by the network has decreased significantly. This shows that the popularity of users in the Arirum network has declined significantly.

Even so, the network has caused a surge in revenue based on token terminal data information. This will be good news for Arirum and investors. The agreement results in additional updates with revenue appropriate to the network.

Whether it is actual or not, the following is the total market capitalization calculated by GMX by BTC

However, at the fixed income level, Arirum has experienced an industry of improvement and decline. Therefore, it is likely that new users are mainly interested in ARB tokens and are not necessarily interested in using the network for other purposes.

If it is not solved, it will seriously affect the continuous improvement of the network.

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