Litecoin: On LTC’s underperformance, upcoming halving, and block readiness

  • A very large proportion of the block is ready to halve Letterwin.
  • LTC has fallen following the rise of the market, but its value is likely to increase in the long run.

According toLetterkin [LTC]HalvePositioning trackerThe theme event will be held on August 2, 2023. But in 133 days, there may be only a few things left, as the required blocks have already been produced.

Whether it is actual or not, the following isTotal market capitalization of LTC in BTC

Halving Letterkin is a way to ease the speed of LTC mining. On the contrary, it also increases the scarcity of assets. In addition, the mining capital investment can get 6.25 LTC reward. The judgment at this stage is that at the relevant time, when global harmony is 9:49:07 at night, the height of the commercial street will be halved to 2520000.

The remaining bits and pieces

As of press time, there are only 77489 blocks left to reach the required block height. Although well prepared, LTC does not seem to reflect the happiness of investors. Even so, the coin has performed significantly less well over the past 30 years.

Something like this.BTC [BTC]Ethernet Fang [medical ether]And several other types of digital currencies have reached higher levels this year as they continue to rise. However, Letterkin remained above 80 yuan after falling 19.13% in the past month.

In any case, LTC seems to be promising for significant improvement on the premise of its current use value. Mainly becauseRatio of total market capitalization to thermal insulation stocks. This indicator assesses whether there is an equity premium for the purchase and purchase of assets relative to miners' expenses. In addition, this proportion is generally adjusted to take full account of the increased supply of goods in circulation.

At the time of writing, the ratio of total market capitalization to insulation stocks is 0.00000004. Such a low use value means that LTC is less than changing hands when it is fair and fair or inflated. As a result, the price of LTC may improve, and it may not be so muchWorld trendThere is a wonderful performance at this stage.

LTC can be short-term or long-term.

In terms of innovation, LTC may once again fight according to the instructions of the Awesone oscillator (AO). The recent market price can be compared with the historical price, and the index shows that the dispatch can. As of press time, the index was-5.86, which looks bullish. But with the emergence of green lines, the coin is trying to claim to rise because of its infinite power.

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Even so, the probability of panting in the short term is still relatively low. The reason for this predictive analysis is the exponential moving average (EMA) point of view. At the time of writing, the 50-day moving average (light yellow) is less than the 20-day moving average (dark blue), which is consistent with AO's bullish view.

On the same figure, the 200-day moving average (turquoise) is higher than the 50-day average. This gives LTC the opportunity to turn the trend into neutralization, resulting in a longer-term upward trend.

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