Polygon [MATIC]: Will prodigal users return ahead of zkEVM mainnet launch

  • Before the launch of zkEVM, the monthly transaction volume of unusual address information had declined.
  • The index value shows that investors' confidence in Ma Jiqi is still declining.

Irregular figure [Ma Jiqi]In the past few weeks, its online theme activity has declined to some extent. According to the desertNautical chartPolygon's unique detailed address shows a downward trend, which is the anxiety about the network before the zkEVM Mainnet is announced. The monthly trading volume of the network also shows the same trend, which has declined in the past many months.

to chantPOLGON's [Ma Jiqi] Price Forecast2023-24

The value of Ma Jiqi's use of the Internet has also been questioned?

Interestingly, although Ma Jiqi's online demand has declined, the convex financial industry has recently been launched on Polygon and improved on TVL.

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