Massive NFT Heist Rocks Market: $10.9M Worth of Digital Assets Stolen in March

The alarming high-quality development was the massive theft of digital assets worth $10.9 million in March 2023, stunning the world of irreplaceable dynamic passwords (NFT). This means that compared with the previous month, NFT theft decreased by 32.72%. The incident caused shock waves in all digital currency and blockchain communities, causing anxiety about such digital asset security precautions.

According to a PeckShieldAlert post on Twitter, half of the stolen NFT sold quickly in different markets within two hours of the theft. The identity and motivation of the thief is not clear, but experts point out that it is only the tip of the iceberg, and a large number of such things are likely to happen soon.

Further investigation revealed that a large portion of the stolen NFT was first sold on Blur, the most popular data art platform. Shockingly, 74.9% of the stolen NFT was sold on the site. Slightly worse, 19.5% of the stolen NFT is sold on OpenSea, a more well-known marketplace.

Recently, NFT is becoming more and more popular, and artists, composers and even professional teams have joined the fashion trend to monetize their digital assets. However, the theft of this kind of digital assets has caused serious concern about the safety of this kind of property.

InvestorBites reported earlier that the anticipated Blur airdrop themed activity was disturbed by network hackers who tried to manipulate the system. It is understood that a secret network hacker disguised as a Blur official number sent unreal fuzzy dynamic passwords to multiple physical lines such as Coinbase, Justin Sun and Yua Labs.

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