Proof to release new NFT collection “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition” on April 27

Proof is fully preparing for the upcoming series of art and design products for the benefit of collectors at this stage. A new personal collection, Moon Bird: the Diamond Show, includes 10000 digital collections of works by 22 artists, including Michael Sidolovsky, Terrell Bobby, Beeple, Summer Wagner and Toni Ayers.

His work will only be used as an irreplaceable dynamic password for the holder of the Moon Bird with diamond nest status to bet with the enterprise within a certain period of time.

The embedding effect of Moonbird motivates the holder to lock up his NFT instead of selling or selling it. The longer the moonbird nests on the holder's wallet, the more reward benefits it will receive. For example, such holders will provide them with diamond exhibitions.

On April 18, which is actually the first day, it is actually the diamond nesters. Those who bet on the moon bird's irreplaceable tokens on the first day of the moon bird's nest program will be airdropped with a "pick-and-go card". So they can rank their favorite artists among the 22 artists.

After a four-day online vote, according to the lucky draw, Proof will airdrop supplies and handicrafts for holders of diamond nests on the first day.

Diamond nesters who bet on NFT in the first week of the nesting program will have a similar ranking selection online voting and airdrop process. This will continue until the end of the distribution of 1,000 handicrafts.

The launch celebration of the series will be held in NFT NYC and Beeple for lunar bird owners. Beeple will produce one of its diamond exhibition works in person.

At this stage, Proof and other NFT companies are looking forward to how to ensure the service satisfaction participation of their NFT holders.

In February of this year, it was confirmed that it would cancel its annual large-scale event-confirmation meeting, due to lack of interests. The news was not strongly supported by some lunar bird holders, as one of the important benefits of lunar bird NFT is being able to attend the meeting.

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