Romania to launch NFT marketplace ICI D|Services on April 26

The Romanian National Informatics Research and Development Institute is trying to move a step closer to promoting the selection of Web3 in the country by publishing an internally structured NFT trading website.

The NFT service platform, known as ICI D |, a service provider, will be launched on April 26th in an effort to reach out to consumers and institutions in the private sector and public administration. As a NFT sales market, the site will lead to irreplaceable tokens that can be managed, forged and traded by both public consumers and institutional customers.

ICI Bucharest has been keen on product development for the past five years; however, as it improves globally, it has shifted its focus to exploring Web3, blockchain and NFT.

Paul Nrulescu-Mizil Gheorghe, assistant at the ICI Bucharest blockchain Lab, indicates that the inability to change OTP has become increasingly popular in recent years because it has the potential to create exclusive and limited resource digital currencies that can be applied to several use cases. As a result, they have already become the precious property of the organization, which is the main reason why ICI Bucharest explicitly proposed a NFT service platform at the end of 2021.

The agency began to jointly develop and implement a comprehensive architectural design for the sales market with MultiversX in 2022, which is precisely the first strategic project to apply blockchain infrastructure construction service providers.

Collaboration includes the development and design of fragmented domain name services (domain name services) and top-level domain (TLD) ecosystems.

Gheorghe said that the Romanian government applied the program according to the Ministry of General academic Affairs and the Romanian Ministry of Scientific Research, Innovation and Intelligence.

He added that the lab hopes to build a bridge between the younger generation and the ideas of public institutions, giving up its seat to a comfort zone that allows communication with digital space.

The launch of the website combines five rare NFT with a number of key institutions, contestants and institutions in Romania. These include the Romanian Olympic Sports Federation, the 18-year-old world record holder in the 100m freestyle, Peter Popovici, and the Romanian news agency Agerpres; national stamp collection agency Romfilatelia; and its Public Library of the National Central University of Bucharest.

Gheorghe believes that the Romanian state's application to advanced engineering projects such as ICI D | Services will improve the country's economic capacity by forming new income selection, promoting economic development and cultivating innovation and the development of culture and arts.

The blockchain enhances the ability of institutions to deal with highlighted use cases related to digital asset management, openness and security in the operations of several institutions, such as medicine, supply chain, culture and education, land registration, traffic travel, and so on.

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