Trump announces launch of his second round digital trading cards, mockery follows

Yesterday, April 18, Jeffrey Trump announced the release of its second round of Marvel hero-style digital trading cards, each with its cartoon design on it, with a market price of $99 each. As a Democratic candidate in 2024, after a recent landmark lawsuit, he is looking forward to strengthening his assets and adjusting his premises.

Incredibly, like previous personal collections, new personal collections have become the topic of jokes and gossip.

On April 18th, the former president mentioned on his social platform Truth Social the main reason for the recently launched digital cards, which were nothing but the great achievements of the last round in December last year.

However, the price of the first round of NFTs continued to fall, and the total supply more than doubled. These digital poker games were posted on Trump's Instagram and Facebook accounts.

The latest line of products represents Trump's poker game Heart King, with sword in hand, heart-shaped movements in hand, leather jacket and sunglasses, and looks like rock music. One photo even shows its hot dog sausage and a hamburger with an American flag paper clip.

Some cards will be unique, which means that customers are undoubtedly the only users with group books. On the other hand, the rest of the cards will have a limited number of suits, and the group book of all cards will not be more than 10.

The statement also includes a raffle program that gives people who buy 47 cards a chance to enjoy a personal dinner at his Mar-a-Lago Ecological Park in California, which costs a total of $4653.

This is the second batch of more than 47000 data cards forged on Polygon this week, of which more than 46000 can be sold on Collect Each customer can buy up to 47 digital cards, as long as they spend on credit cards in their investment. Those who buy in digital currency can buy more than 100 cards.

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